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6 Best tricks to Research a Company Before Interview | EarnYoung

You got the internship in a company, the one you oh so desperately wanted but… you slowly realise that it is not what you imagined! The space is different and you don’t like working with the company.
Selecting the right internship can be difficult, it can be a long process but in the end, it’s all worth it.

Why is it important to research a company before the interview?

  1. Researching about the company beforehand can save you from a lot of trouble and conflicts.
  2. Doing a background check will not only eliminate any confusion regarding the work but will also give you important bits of knowledge concerning what’s in store for you.
  3. Follow these company research tips and tricks
  4. The website organizations generally share their goals and visions on the “About Us” section on their websites. They also state ideas that are appealing and unique and how they are different from their competitors. Target those keywords when you sit for the interview.
    Read their blogs or magazines to get all the relevant information.
  5. Thorough Company research before the interview will help you land the job.

Target their socials
With social media on the rise, a lot of different aspects of a company can be revealed. How the company interacts with the customers, their social media marketing strategies and their engagement can be easily estimated and judged. LinkedIn is additionally an informative app for finding out with regards to what sort of information the organization imparts and what the company wants you to know. You’ll get an idea of the structure and size of the assignments that interns get to work on. Proper company market research will help you understand the audience.

Get in touch with the company members
Drafting a formal email or simply just contacting them through social media will help you get clarity regarding the environment of the company. If the company is what you expect, the working environment. Check whether people in your contacts have at any point worked in the organization. Request them for their viewpoints and opinions. Getting a first-hand review will let you know where the company stands in terms of the treatment of the employees and the ethical and moral stance of the company. Before joining any company, make sure there is room for growth.

Maintaining the equilibrium
Keeping your mental and physical health should be your number one priority. Before joining any internship, make sure you find the right work-life balance. Prioritising work and neglecting your health will just lead you down the path of burn-out and wasted potential.
Be clear concerning the duties and obligations that you will be given. Research your role as an intern and see if you are the correct fit for the job.

Internships can be paid and unpaid. If you are looking for a paid one, check if the company you are targeting offers paid internships. Before saying yes to the internship offer, make sure you are satisfied with the compensation and you are not being underpaid.

From Intern to a full-time employee
You target Internships that will enhance your resume which will in turn land you a good job. Some companies are interested in hiring after the completion of your studies. Check if the company you are targeting involves this internship program.

Finding the right internship can be difficult, be it paid internships or unpaid ones. We at EarnYoung, aim to provide students with the best Internships in India. Internships opportunities and internship programs will not only boost your resume but also hone your skills. Register now!

Quick tips to Research a Company before the interview · 1. Check the company’s website · 2. Former company members· 3. Community Interaction. 4. Social media