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Free Registration for Intern Plan


  1. Assured 3 Interviews
  2. All Stipend based Internships
  3. Work across Diverse Fields
  4. Internship Certification (performance-based)
  5. Minimal Processing Fee at the end

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The primary goal of our intern plan is to offer interns the most easily accessible internships with the foremost benefit of giving the best experience with limited offers available in this plan. Apart from receiving an assured stipend, the first asset an intern is gaining through all our plans is we eliminate the complication of shortlisting companies, finding a befitting recruiter and applying for the said internship. Moreover the stress of reaching out, the anxiety of staying in the waiting list and the fear of not receiving an interview is taken care of as we directly remove these hurdles by explicitly providing assured 3 interviews from different companies to the intern.

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Why the Intern Plan?
In this intern plan, we ensure that the candidate effortlessly avails benefits without disruption of only limited offers available. Equally, acquire internships in demanding and diverse fields with a very minimal processing fee.


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